We put innovative companies into contact with public research institutions

Companies that can turn their brilliant ideas into innovations and market these rapidly have a chance of success on the international market. That is why the CTI helps companies to benefit from the expertise and resources available in public research.

The CTI offers you a wide range of different funding opportunities. The aim is always the same: to put your business into contact with public research, so that you can turn ideas into marketable innovations. You can benefit in two ways - from the expertise of specialist researchers and from the research facilities available at higher education institutions.

What kind of businesses are the CTI programmes aimed at?

Basic criteria for businesses:

  • Your company or your non-profit organisation provides a significant part of the added value in Switzerland.
  • You focus on science-based innovation – on applying the latest technologies or findings from public research.
  • Your grant application should offer a high degree of interdisciplinary innovation potential. Research know-how may be requested for all research disciplines.

From idea to innovation: A success model for Switzerland

The CTI promotes innovation by businesses in a unique way, by transmitting know-how rather than by making direct payments. Businesses must meet at least 50% of the innovation research costs themselves. SMEs in particular often lack the research facilities and means to turn their ideas into innovations. CTI support releases innovation potential which would otherwise go untapped. Grant applications are carefully and fairly assessed by relevant experts. The CTI now receives over 600 applications a year, about half of which are successful.

Further information

Funding opportunities for companies

Have we sparked your interest? Do you already have an idea that you want to turn into a marketable innovation? Find out about the funding opportunities we offer businesses.

Success Stories


Bright networkers

Since the beginning of 2013, National Thematic Networks(NTNs) have been providing support to SwissSMEs in their innovation activities. Swissphotonics isone of the eight funded NTNs. Christoph Harder, anETH engineer with an extensive track record in theindustry, is its president.


For weight-conscious enjoyment

The machinery and plant manufacturer Bühler AG hasworked with Coop’s ‘Chocolats Halba’ division to developa production process for low-calorie chocolate.The ETH Zurich’s Institute of Food, Nutrition andHealth was involved in the preliminary research.

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