We support innovative people in founding and developing start-ups

Innovative business ideas are the future. That is why the CTI supports start-ups and the entrepreneurial spirit of young people in industry and research.

The CTI has two different funding programmes for start-ups:

  • In the CTI Entrepreneurship programme there are four courses in which we help young potential entrepreneurs to develop business ideas, set up a company and develop a growth strategy
  • In the CTI Start-up Coaching programme our coaches give advice and support to young entrepreneurs on an individual basis. For those who hope to enter international markets with their start-up, we run internationalisation camps in which trainees can plan and refine their strategy for entering the market in start-up hotspots. In CTI Invest we provide the opportunity to make contact with investors.

What kind of start-ups are the CTI programmes aimed at?

The main funding criteria are the same for both potential young entrepreneurs and for start-ups:

  • Your business idea or innovation must have a research or scientific element.
  • You run a Swiss start-up or want to found one.

From business idea to economic success

Compared with hotspots like Silicon Valley or New York, twenty years ago there was no strong culture of entrepreneurship in Switzerland.

That is why the CTI has been helping start-ups since 1996 – and it has been doing so with great success. Our thriving start-up initiatives support young Swiss entrepreneurs in setting up and developing their businesses. And about 120 young businesses each year also undergo the CTI Coaching process, with between 25 and 30 receiving the much sought-after CTI Start-up Label at the end of it. The 300 businesses who have received the CTI Start-up Label have an above-average survival rate of 85%. By providing thousands of new jobs, each day they create added value for the Swiss economy.

Further information

Funding opportunities for start-ups

Interested in applying for funding? Have you already set up a company or are you planning on launching a start-up? Find out more about the funding opportunities for science-based young entrepreneurs!

Success Stories


On the way to becoming online giants

In early 2013, American venture capitalists investedUSD 14 million in five former ETH students’ internetstart-up. The aim of the young company, GetYourGuide,is to develop the world’s biggest booking platformfor organised leisure activities.


Renewable materials

Transforming our throwaway society into a recyclingsociety is a process likely to take generations. TheBcomp founders, Cyrille Boinay and Christian Fischer,are conducting pioneering work. Their customers inthe sporting goods and design industries are enthusiasticabout the natural fibre composites fromFribourg.

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