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Entrepreneurs can only turn brilliant ideas into marketable innovations with the help of strong research institutions and clever researchers. This is why the CTI supports research in Switzerland.

The CTI offers you a wide-range of funding opportunities. These all have the same aim: to put you, the researcher, in closer touch with businesses and encourage the transfer of knowledge and technology. This means you can turn companies’ ideas which would otherwise go unused into marketable innovations. And you can benefit too, not only from the research funding you can use to conduct interesting applied research, but also from the contacts and networking opportunities with your industrial partners.

Which researchers does the CTI support?

Basic criteria for research institutions:

  • You are a research manager at a university or other CTI-recognised research institution.
  • You focus on applied research into the latest technologies or knowledge.
  • Your funding application can be in any scientific discipline. It should, however, display a strong potential for interdisciplinary innovation.
  • A company selects you as a research partner in a CTI project.

From research to market: Switzerland shows how it is done

The CTI promotes knowledge and technology transfer between research institutions, universities and companies in a unique way – paying half of the project-related research costs directly to the universities and research institutions. The other half is met by the company, the business partner.

Small and medium-sized enterprises often require exactly the research infrastructure and resources which are available at universities and research institutions.

CTI funding pays the salaries of about 1000 researchers; these researchers work with their business partners to realise innovation potential that would otherwise go untapped.

Further information

Funding opportunities for researchers

Have we sparked your interest? Do you already have a company in mind and want to launch a project with them? Here you can find out more about our wide range of funding and networking opportunities for researchers:

Success Stories


Measuring venous pressure quickly and without causing pain

The current technique for measuring central venouspressure is invasive and costly requiring insertion ofa catheter with potential complications. The cooperation between the ETH Zurich and Veinpress GmbH ledto an innovative central venous pressure measuringtechnique, which would avoid having to resort topainful catheter examinations in the future. 


Save as you travel

Hybrid buses are conquering public transport.Carrosserie HESS, a company based in Solothurn, hasdeveloped a propulsion system which can reducediesel consumption by up to 25 per cent. Their scientificpartner was the ETH Zurich’s Institute forDynamic Systems and Control.

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