CTI Micro-Nano Event: a forum for the Swiss micro- and nanotechnologies sector


The CTI Micro-Nano Event takes place annually in conjunction with the Swiss Nano Convention. The event attracts both researchers and entrepreneurs working in ICT, life sciences, optics, energy and sustainable materials.

Nanotechnologies are the key technologies of this century. Thanks to microsystems technology, they can be transferred from the research laboratory into industrial products.

The CTI organises the CTI Micro-Nano Event in order to foster this process. The event provides an opportunity to form stronger contacts and exchange experiences with industry and research partners, to get up-to-date with the latest developments and launch new projects.

The CTI Micro-Nano EVent takes place during the Swiss NanoConvention.

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Swiss NanoConvention

30 june and 1st july at Congress Center Basel.

Find more details about the programme and registration here:

Swiss NanoConvention