CTI Start-up: Coaching for start-ups and young entrepreneurs

New ideas shape the future. That is why the CTI gives support to innovative business ideas and runs a professional coaching programme for young entrepreneurs. After three coaching stages, the most promising start-ups receive the CTI Start-up label. The CTI continues to support young businesses thereafter as required.

Are you about to launch a company or would you like to grow your new business? Then you’ll find that CTI Start-up provides the best possible support. Highly qualified coaches with considerable professional experience give you personalised coaching tailored to your business. The four-level programme lasts 8-26 months, depending on the initial situation and complexity of the tasks involved:

Coaching process
Coaching Prozess

Phase 1: Basic check of business idea

Start-up experts consider your business idea. They must approve the idea before you can move on to the evaluation phase.

Phase 2: Evaluation phase

Coaches provide individualised support in drawing up a business plan, looking at aspects such as marketability, technology, feasibility, management team and patents. If you head a start-up with a lot of potential and ambition, you may receive ‘Coaching Acceptance’, meaning you are accepted for professional coaching.

Phase 3: Professional coaching

Coaches provide individualised support in drawing up a business strategy and a business plan. Once this has been successfully presented to a group of experts, you receive the CTI Start-up label. This demonstrates that your company has a good basis on which to grow and survive. Once you have received the CTI Start-up label, you have the option of a further stage of support:

Phase 4: Coaching on demand

We can also help you to overcome particular obstacles or exploit unusual opportunities in the market, as required. For example, we run CTI Market Entry Camps.

You can benefit from CTI Start-up if:

  • your start-up is a Swiss company
  • your start-up is in one of the following fields: biotechnology, energy, life sciences, engineering, micro- and nanotechnology or information and communication technology, transdisciplinary high-tech
  • you are involved in science-based innovation
  • you have long-term growth potential
  • your business model or technology is unique and difficult to imitate
  • you have an open team which appreciates our coaches’ expertise
  • you can demonstrate an initial technical conception of your innovation (e.g. prototype, demonstration installation etc.).

Use the following application form to apply for CTI Start-up Coaching: 

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CTI Start-up runs a nationwide network of start-up coaches. All coaches have relevant experience in founding, building up and growing start-ups. They help the start-up companies by passing on their know-how and making their networks available to the companies

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The CTI supports innovative business ideas and runs a professional coaching programme for young entrepreneurs. Here you find the best possible support

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