Turning ideas into start-ups: How we support young entrepreneurs

Förderangebote für Start-ups

There are four ingredients to a successful business: know-how, staying power, sound finances and a professional team. The CTI helps you to build up these key four aspects in your new business.

Have you recently founded a company or are in the process of doing so, and do you have an unconventional idea? The basics are there, but there is no guarantee of economic success. The CTI helps you build up the necessary knowledge about business practice and processes, and puts you in touch with financial partners. So that you can successfully generate business from your idea.

Funding opportunities for start-ups and young entrepreneurs

CTI Entrepreneurship: Four training programmes

CTI Entrepreneurship is a series of specialist training programmes for prospective entrepreneurs. Four coordinated modules provide you with the requisite skills to launch your new company.

CTI Start-up: Coaching with label

The CTI Start-up programme provides professional coaching to new businesses. After three coaching stages, the most promising start-ups receive the CTI Start-up label. The CTI continues to support young businesses thereafter as required.

CTI Market Entry Camps: Internationalisation

The CTI sends innovative start-ups hoping to enter international markets to test the waters in the international hubs of entrepreneurship.

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