From idea to innovation: promoting research in Switzerland

Förderangebote für Forschende

SMEs in particular require strong research partners in the public sector to help them transform their ideas into innovations. The CTI aims to make public research expertise accessible to entrepreneurs.

We present you with different ways of offering your research skills to companies, from research and development (R&D projects) through various networking opportunities with companies to networked projects in which you can develop marketable innovations in partnership with foreign research institutions.

Funding opportunities

Research and development projects

The CTI helps fund your research and so encourages you to share your expertise and research capacity with entrepreneurs.

Networking opportunities: NTNs

Are you looking for ways of linking up with entrepreneurs and other research institutions working in your field? The CTI national thematic networks and other platforms make it possible.

Bilateral R&D projects

Does your project require additional research skills from abroad?
You can head an international R&D project to move your innovation proposal forward, making use of research skills unavailable in Switzerland.

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