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The Federal Council and Parliament are planning on making far reaching changes to the energy supply in Switzerland. In accordance with the Swiss Coordinated Energy Research action plan, the CTI has the mandate to finance and manage the creation of research networks between higher education institutions, the Swiss Competence Centres for Energy Research (SCCERs). In addition, the CTI receives additional financial means for research and development projects in the field of energy.

The SCCERs are looking for solutions to the technical, social and political challenges arising as a result of the energy revolution. Eight SCCERs were created in seven action areas. They offer you as a researcher at a Swiss research institution, or as a Swiss entrepreneur, the full spectrum of the current energy innovation chain, taking account of developments in all areas, from basic research through applied R&D to legal, regulatory and behavioural aspects. The SCCERs also provide research infrastructure and many networking opportunities with key experts and young researchers from the fields concerned.

More funds for conventional R&D projects in the energy field

Until 2016, in addition to the regular funding budget, CHF 46 million is available for R&D projects in the energy field. The regular criteria for CTI projects apply. Membership in an SCCER is not a requirement.

The eight Swiss Competence Centres for Energy Research

All SCCERs explore and develop solutions that are marketable, i.e. solutions that are scalable and socially acceptable, and that can be seamlessly developed by industry. The SCCERs work in the following seven action areas:


SCCER FEEB&D – "Future Energy Efficient Buildings & Districts"
Materials, components, systems and concepts which enable the reduction  of the energy demand of the Swiss building stock

SCCER EIP – "Efficiency of Industrial Processes"
Enabling the industry sector in Switzerland to reach its energy efficiency targets according to the “Energy Strategy 2050” and to improve its competitiveness


SCCER FURIES – "Future Swiss Electrical Infrastructure"
Grids and their components, and energy systems


SCCER HaE - "Heat Electricity Storage"
Storage of heat and electricity

Power supply:

SCCER SoE – "Supply of Electricity"
Deep geothermal including CO2 storage and hydropower

Economy, environment, law, behaviour:

SCCER CREST – "Competence Center for Research in Energy, Society and Transition"
Evidence-based findings and recommendations regarding:

  • Regulatory issues and market conditions
  • Individual and group behaviour and general trends
  • Sufficiency
  • Incentive systems


SCCER Mobility
Efficient concepts, processes and components in mobility


SCCER BIOSWEET – "BIOmass for SWiss EnErgy fuTure"

  • Availability and use of biomass
  • Use of biogas to generate electricity and heat
  • Gas and liquid energy sources from biomass

Further Information


SCCER administration and applications
Are you part of an SCCER and looking for SCCER administration documentation? Here you can download the following forms: Payment request for SCCER (available in German and French) and Request for adjustment of personnel.

Renewed funding applications for existing SCCERs
Swiss Competence Centers for Energy Research SCCER established in recent years were able to apply for further funding for the period 2017-2020 until the end of March 2016. In the following document, you find the detailed information.

Mise au concours SCCER 2013
The following document is the reference document for the call for bids for the Swiss Competence Centres for Energy Research SCCER in accordance with the Dispatch on the coordinated Energy Research in Switzerland Action Plan - measures for 2013 - 2016.

‘Coordinated Energy Research Switzerland’ action plan
The creation of the SCCERs is one part of the action plan. CTI is cooperating closely with the Swiss Federal Office of Energy SFOE and the Swiss National Science Foundation.

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Article: "From invention to innovation"

At the 10th annual Swiss Conference on Energy Research in mid-april in Lucerne, the central question was, how findings from research can be transferred into the economy in order to achieve sustainable improvement in energy supply.