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Innovation projects often only get off the ground if they involve the right combination of partners from research and industry. With its national thematic networks (NTNs), events and electronic platforms, the CTI helps to bring these two worlds together and to ensure the transfer of knowledge and technology.

Catalyst and bridge-builder: national thematic networks

Are you already working on a specific innovation topic? Do you want to know who would be your ideal partner for your project? Experts from the national thematic networks (NTNs) can help. The NTNs are nationwide networks which specialise in one particular innovation topic and which can give you access to infrastructure and research. They provide networking opportunities with other representatives from industry and research in your field of innovation. This gives you a great foundation for developing your idea and boosting your company’s innovative power long term.

The CTI supports a total of eleven national thematic networks:

Innovation mentors

Innovation mentors inform companies of the funding opportunities open to them and help them to draw up CTI project proposals. The mentors facilitate cooperation between companies and public research institutes in science-based innovation projects of national and international importance.

You can find out more about innovation mentors and the service they offer here.

Event support

The CTI provides financial support in organising special events and the implementation of electronic platforms that bring together representatives from industry and academia. The events are specifically dedicated to those innovation topics that are not already covered by a national thematic network. They provide networking opportunities with innovation mentors, representatives from the national thematic networks, research heads from higher education and research institutions and representatives from the business community. You, in turn, can offer your research services.

Electronic platforms: Innovation map

Are you looking for an overview of funding opportunities and potential partners for your company’s innovation projects? The innovation map already contains over 1000 SMEs, large companies, research institutes, networks, and private and public funding programmes. Using specific criteria you can search for criteria specific to those players who are relevant to your work – regionally or nationally. The CTI regularly updates and extends the innovation map in collaboration with the University of St. Gallen. So you're always up to date.

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SATW Transferkolleg 2017


Each year the Swiss Academy of Engineering Sciences (SATW) organises a call for R&D project proposals in conjunction with the CTI. This ties in with an exclusive specialised event (SATW Transferkolleg), which is being held this year on the subject of ‘ICT enables MedTech’.

Recognition of National Thematic Networks (NTN) for 2017 – 2020

Following a two-stage evaluation procedure, the CTI has eleven national thematic networks (NTNs) in its funding programme.