Translating ideas into innovation: our wide-ranging portfolio for companies

Förderangebote für Unternehmen

The CTI provides support for innovation projects which would not be implemented or which would come to a halt without support. Unused ideas from companies should be transformed into marketable innovation with the support of public research competence.

Our portfolio ranges from patent searches and short feasibility studies to large interdisciplinary projects, tailored to your needs. Personal contact with you is important to us. Our innovation mentors provide advice to new applicants in particular. 

Our funding opportunities for companies

Consultancy: innovation mentors

Are you an entrepreneur looking for guidance in the Swiss funding sector? The CTI innovation mentors have an overview of innovation promotion and the available instruments, and will be happy to answer your questions.

R&D projects

Does your company have an idea for innovation, but lack research capacity? Then, we can help you! The CTI will provide support for your project, including access to the expertise of public research institutions.

Feasibility study: Innovation cheque

Are you uncertain whether your idea is suited for collaboration with a public research institution? CTI innovation cheques provide initial access to innovation funding.

Patent searches

Are you an export-oriented SME requiring preliminary clarifications regarding intellectual property for an R&D project with the CTI? The CTI, in partnership with the Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property, offers initial patent searches.

Networking opportunities: NTN

Are you looking for ways to network with other entrepreneurs and research institutions in your field? We offer networking opportunities with the national thematic networks and other platforms.

Bilateral R&D projects

Do you have a very specific innovation project, which is only partially covered by the Swiss research institutions and higher education institutions? You can head an international R&D project to move your innovation proposal forward, making use of research skills unavailable in Switzerland.

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