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A helping hand for Swiss organic wheat

Swiss organic wheat is faced with two challenges: too little is produced and its baking properties are not always up to standard. To meet the increasing demand for organic bread, bakeries use additives or resort to the use of imported wheat. In a three-year field mission, researchers found out how to improve organic wheat so that more bread can be produced from 100% organic Swiss grain.

SCCER Mobility launches ‘MAS in Future Transport Systems’ programme

Starting in the spring semester of 2017, the ETH Zurich will offer four interdisciplinary qualifications in Future Transport Systems: a Master (MAS) and three integrated Certificates of Advanced Studies (CAS). Developed by the Swiss Competence Center for Energy Research Mobility (SCCER Mobility), these four qualifications provide students with a better understanding of the complexities of the Swiss transport system, the ability to assess the impact of system interventions and the knowledge needed to tap corresponding potential. Two major trends currently influence and pose challenges for the transport system.

Swiss start-up aims to capture US sports market

This summer a Swiss start-up company called Fanpictor amazed a crowd of 105,000 fans at the largest sports stadium in the US. Through its products, which are aimed at engaging with fans, this young company is opening up new revenue channels and now wants to gain a foothold in the US sports market.

Technology at the concert hall

Three Swiss start-up companies are in the process of changing the way instruments are made and played. Innovations in instrument making are very rare – the last great inventions occurred decades ago. This could soon change.

CTI expands coach network

CTI is expanding its coach-network. Now, there are four head coaches coordinating the activities and from january 2016 on, eight new executives will join the team.

They all have track records in innovation, growth and commercial success and will support start-ups by sharing their extensive experience in international growth and domain expertise.

Federal Council refers Dispatch on Innosuisse Act to Parliament

The Federal Council has referred the Dispatch on the Federal Act on the Swiss Innovation Promotion Agency (Innosuisse Act) to Parliament. The bill is intended to put in place the legal basis to transform the Commission for Technology and Innovation (CTI) into a public-law entity.

Minister of Economic Affairs visits Silicon Roundabout

Since 2014, the CTI Market Entry Camp in London has been offering young Swiss businesses an opportunity to take their first steps into the global market. Federal Councillor Schneider-Ammann met with the British Minister of State for Trade and Investment before visiting the Camp, which had proven successful as a pilot camp and was now officially opened.

New innovation mentor for south-eastern Switzerland

The CTI now has 14 innovation mentors in its service. Innovation mentors inform SMEs about funding opportunities and offer support in drawing up innovation plans free of charge. Since October, SMEs in the canton of Ticino have had an innovation mentor to call on in the form of Nicola Mona.

Molecular Partners AG wins prestigious Biotech Award

Die Molecular Partners AG gewann am 6. Oktober den Biotechnica Award 2015 für die Entwicklung der DARPin-Technologie. DARPins könnten die Behandlung von schweren Krankheiten wie Krebs revolutionieren. Die Basis dazu waren zwei KTI-Projekte und aus dem einstigen Spin-off ist eine börsenkotierte, 100-Personen-Firma geworden.

CTI Invest – A key actor in the start-up ecosystem

A CTI-commissioned study conducted to assess the tasks and impact of CTI Invest concludes that the platform has greatly contributed to the financial support of start-ups and to the positive development of the Swiss start-up ecosystem. CTI Invest is a matchmaking platform that enables high-tech start-up companies to present their business ideas to potential investors.

CTI Swiss Medtech Event 2015

At the CTI Medtech Event at the Kursaal in Bern, Advanced Osteotomy Tools AOT AG won the CTI Swiss Medtech Award of CHF 15,000. AOT is a spin-off of the University and the University Hospital of Basel. Its winning project is a system by which a robot can precisely cut bones contact free with a laser.

Federal Councillor visits innovative chocolate and coffee projects

The minister of economic affairs visited Bühler AG in Uzwil where he was shown how the project partners were putting innovation into practice in the areas of chocolate and coffee production. He was able to taste these innovations for himself and praised the ongoing efforts.

Gourmet fish from the Gotthard

At the northern end of the new Gotthard base tunnel, water flows at a rate of 150 to 400 litres per second at a constant temperature of 14 to 17 degrees Celsius. In Erstfeld, there is now a fish farm in construction that uses this water. The aim is to establish a niche market in Switzerland.

Schneider-Ammann fills up with fuel produced from CO2

The fuel behind the economics minister is produced from CO2 and water using electricity from renewable sources. This clean fuel can be used in any standard diesel engine. Before the public on the Bundesplatz, the tank of a car was filled with the synthetic fuel for the first time.

A pump for sensitive fluids

Levitronix and the ZHAW Wädenswil have jointly developed a revolutionary pump for the biotech laboratory. The project was funded in 2011 under the special measures to mitigate the effects of the strong franc and has found positive echo on the US market.

Solar cells on plastic foil

Ten years after it was founded, Flisom AG has set up a pilot installation in Niederhasli (ZH) to produce ultra-thin and flexible solar cells on plastic foil on an industrial scale. The Swiss solar start-up received the CTI Label in 2006.

Diesel was yesterday!

Together, the three partners, Bucher Municipal, Empa and ETHZ, have worked on an innovation project funded by the CTI, providing an innovative approach to energy-efficient sweeper drives.

Brigitte Baumann is European Business Angel of the Year 2014

Brigitte Baumann, Commission member and head of Diversity Management at the CTI, was named as European Business Angel of the Year 2014. It is the first time that the prize has gone to Switzerland and only the second time it has been awarded to a woman.

Bangalore – India’s high-tech powerhouse

swissnex India, together with the CTI, has been helping Swiss start-ups to enter the Indian market since 2013. After intensive groundwork and pilot schemes, Federal Councillor Johann Schneider-Ammann officially opened the CTI Market Entry Camp in Bangalore, India’s high-tech powerhouse.

Entering the Market in India

Seven Questions to swissnex India on entering the market in India. With reports on Indian Industries for Swiss startups and SMEs.

A cheap and easy way to test for intestinal disease

Checking your own stool for organic bowel disease is now almost as easy as doing a pregnancy test – thanks to a CTI-funded project.

From research group to industry

The company Polyphor recently demonstrated some of the fruits of CTI innovation funding: in a joint project with the University of Zurich, the business has developed a new drug which effectively fights resistant germs.

Another recipe for innovation

Twenty-three partnerships with industry, twelve patents and two start-ups – this is the tally following the second phase of the “Smart Materials” National Research Programme (NRP 62).

UrbanFarmers surmounts financing hurdle

the start-up UrbanFarmers, has successfully completed financing round A, securing CHF 2.1 million in investment. That is an important step along the ‘valley of death’ for the young firm, as CEO Roman Gaus explains.

CTI Start-up: New coaches on board!

14 new start-up coaches joining the CTI Coach Network. It is impressive to see how much competency and knowledge of the start-up world comes together.

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