BRIDGE call for proposals


BRIDGE calls for proposals are open

Calls for proposals for BRIDGE Proof of Concept and Discovery are now open. Researchers from all disciplines are invited to submit their applications.

Full details can be found at

CoBioTech Joint Call


Joint call: biotechnology for a sustainable bioeconomy

Researchers and innovators from the biotech sector are invited in a Europe-wide call to submit project proposals for a more sustainable global economic system. 21 organisations from 18 countries are providing around EUR 36 million in funding. Pre-proposals can be submitted until 2 March 2017. Interested? Further details can be found here.

New application form


New form for funding applications

From January 2017 the CTI will reimburse indirect costs (overheads) incurred by research institutions in a uniform manner. Project partners may only use the revised form for funding applications. You find the new form as well as the detailed information here.

Press releases

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Hot topics

VRP-Präsident Innouisse André Kudelski

From CTI to Innosuisse

From 1 January 2018, Innosuisse will take over the functions of the current CTI, the federal agency concerned with promoting science-based innovation.

The Board will play a key role in Innosuisse’s success. On 9 December the Federal Council appointed the Board made up of seven specialists from the worlds of science and business.

On 17 June, Parliament approved the Swiss Innovation Promotion Agency Act, or Innosuisse Act. On 16 November the Federal Council announced that the organisational provisions would enter into force on 1 January 2017.


A helping hand for Swiss organic wheat

Swiss organic wheat is faced with two challenges: too little is produced and its baking properties are not always up to standard. To meet the increasing demand for organic bread, bakeries use additives or resort to the use of imported wheat. In a three-year field mission, researchers found out how to improve organic wheat so that more bread can be produced from 100% organic Swiss grain.


Sophia Genetics: Global leader in data driven medicine

Nowadays human DNA can be analysed quickly and cheaply. Sophia Genetics, a start-up based near Lausanne, analyses genetic data for laboratories and hospitals and is able to make personalised diagnoses. Such diagnoses are becoming increasingly accurate because Sophia Genetics’ algorithms are capable of learning and are using the principle of collective intelligence.


Swiss start-up aims to capture US sports market

This summer a Swiss start-up company called Fanpictor amazed a crowd of 105,000 fans at the largest sports stadium in the US. Through its products, which are aimed at engaging with fans, this young company is opening up new revenue channels and now wants to gain a foothold in the US sports market.

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