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A Flying Start for your Idea

CTI Start-up supplies with business coaches and experts from various fields for the early stage of venture. The coaching process guides in three clearly structured steps to the CTI Start-up Label, awarded by a jury consisting of top-class sector experts. To achieve the label, it is necessary to invest both time and effort over a period of 6 to 24 months, but no money: CTI Start-up covers all the costs.

Four steps to market

Phase 1
CTI Start-up assesses a business idea based on key selection criteria. If the project meets these criterias, it will be accepted and the application registered.

Phase 2
Professional experts evaluate with the help of the start-up enterprise the current business concept and prepare the admission to the coaching process. Together with the entrepreneur, CTI Start-up will refine the business strategy and positioning to enable to submit a sustainable, competitive business model to a small group of business professionals.

Phase 3
The entrepreneur optimizes his business strategy. He will be coached to develop the key areas of your business and to get ready for the CTI Start-up Label presentation. This decisive step confirms the readiness for market entry and financing.

Phase 4 (optional)
If further support is needed, CTI Start-up will accompany the entrepreneur in those implementation areas that are critical to his business.

Specialist staff: info@kti.admin.ch

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