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The Impact of Miniaturization 2006

Neuchâtel, 9th November 2006

“Nano” is today’s keyword for many advanced technologies. It carries ambitious economic hopes for the future; it catalyzes political support and financing of forefront research for the nearer future; and it unites University and Industry already today in unprecedented interdisciplinary approaches of Science and Technology.

This year, CTI will focus on its nanotechnology project portfolio with a twofold aim: firstly,
to follow up on the technological innovations and commercial success stories since the
invention of the scanning tunnelling microscope and, secondly, to explore the
opportunities for innovative products that are opened by this new access to the

This event is primarily addressing representatives from industry and universities. Recent
projects supported by CTI will be presented. These examples are meant to generate ideas
for new projects, products, partnerships, and cooperations.


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News from CTI
Thomas Bachofner, Ressortleiter Projektförderung F&E
Last modification: 10.11.2006 | Size: 201 kb | Type: PDF

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Novel AFM Probe and System Design for Simpler Handling
Dominik Brändlin, co-founder and head of R&D Nanosurf AG, Liestal
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A sensomotoric interface into the Nanoworld
Tobias Vancura, CEO Nanonis AG, Zurich
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Carbon Nanotubes as Electron Emitter: From Displays to X-Ray Sources
Oliver Gröning, Empa, Thun
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CTI Projects: Big Impact for a Small Nanotechnology Company
Felice Mauro Battiston, CTO Concentris GmbH, Basel
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Innovative Silicon : An industrial success started with CTI project
Pierre Fazan, CEO Innovative Silicon, Lausanne
Last modification: 10.11.2006 | Size: 1018 kb | Type: PDF

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Nanotechnologies at Empa and collaborations with SMEs
Louis Schlapbach, CEO Empa
Last modification: 10.11.2006 | Size: 6723 kb | Type: PDF

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Decisive contribution of CTI to the development of Lyncée Tec
Yves Emery, CEO Lyncée Tec SA, Lausanne
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AFM Arrays for Applications in Life Sciences
Peter Vettiger, CSEM and IMT-University of Neuchâtel
Last modification: 05.12.2006 | Size: 3476 kb | Type: PDF

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