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Project funding priorities

CTI has set the following project funding priorities for the legislative period 2008-2011:


  • Move towards an increasingly knowledge-based economy: initially making the transition from a primarily resource-based economy to a knowledge-based economy and then gradually expanding to a global economy. CTI funded projects will become increasingly multidisciplinary and multinational, which requires long-term grant funding.
  • Tap into existing innovative potential: over the past few years, CTI has made an important contribution to the spread of an entrepreneurial mindset among young people. It has also provided assistance to start-up companies that offer high added value. Emphasis will now be placed on directly applying university expertise to bring products and services to market. This will enable Switzerland to tap into existing innovative potential to an even greater extent.
  • Intensify international cooperation: CTI must use cooperation in international networks as a means of fostering innovation further.

Objectives for 2008-2011

  • Over the next four years, CTI will reach out to new groups of applicants. The main focus will be placed on Swiss companies that currently have little or no cooperation ties with universities.
  • Project funding will be awarded to riskier (and therefore potentially more rewarding) projects as well as to R&D projects from non technology-oriented fields.
  • In an effort to internationalise R&D activities, worldwide networks of Swiss innovation actors will be set up.
  • Support for research services between universities and businesses will be intensified and training opportunities for entrepreneurs will be expanded.

Specialist staff: info@kti.admin.ch

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