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CTI Medtech Event 2007

Berne, 4 September 2007

Four outstanding CTI Medtech projects have been chosen for the morning session by the
CTI Medtech experts. The audience then voted for the best CTI project out of these
“Top 4”, which became the winner of the CTI Medtech Award 2007.

The winner of the CTI Medtech Award 2007

The CTI Medtech Award 2007 goes to Prof. Dr. Rudolf Häusler, Director of Department of ENT Head and Neck Surgery, Inselspital, University of Berne, and Mr. Peter Van Gerwen, MBA, DACS
Program Manager, Cochlear Technology Center, Mechelen, Belgium. On the left Dr. Ursula Renold, Director of OPET.
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DACS: a new generation of implantable hearing systems
The winner of the CTI Medtech Award 2007
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Medtech Flyer
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Award Candidates 2007
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CTI Projects (Award nominees)

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Presbyopia Surgery System for Intracorneal Lens Placement
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Smart cat: help for tiny heart patients
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LEDDT (Laser Easy Drug Delivery Technology)
Last modification: 08.11.2007 | Size: 124 kb | Type: PDF

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