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    Boosting Swiss Biotechnology

    Biotechnology is a growing sector in Switzerland, both in the academic and in the industrial environments. More than 250 firms have their business in Switzerland, fully or partially focused on biotechnology and every year they are joined by new start-ups.

    CTI Biotech as part of CTI Life Sciences provides an information platform and brings together with targeted promotion activities interested partners from business and research. The main goals are:
    • to promote the fast growing Swiss biotech industry by further optimization of know-how and technology transfer and by targeted and efficient support for the creation of new biotech companies
    • to facilitate and optimize the economic exploitation of innovative techniques and products emerging from basic and application-oriented biotech research and development
    CTI Biotech
    • gives the initial push for the advancement of new application fields.
    • facilitates the transition of projects from SNSF funding (mainly basic research) to CTI funding (translation of results into applications).
    • enhances Swiss efforts in important aspects of modern genomics and post-genomic activities.
    • encourages national and international networking and formation of dedicated research consortia.
    • positions biotech as a sustainable strategy for industrial production.
    • improves the collaboration between universities, Swiss Federal Institutes of Technology and Universities of Applied Sciences.
    • offers scientific expert support and coaching on a management, technical and financial level for start-ups.
    • optimises structural conditions for Swiss biotechnology.

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