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    Diversity: the key to success in innovation!

    Thanks to its highly qualified workers, Switzerland is currently the world champion of innovation. And yet, Switzerland has not yet tapped into its full innovation potential: very few women have been responsible for the innovations seen thus far. Women have key knowledge and skills that can be used to find better solutions and improve the innovative capacities of Swiss companies and the country as a whole. This potential is not yet being used. For this reason, the Innovation Promotion Agency (CTI) seeks to encourage greater diversity and significantly increase the proportion of women involved in innovative projects and entrepreneurship.

    With the aim of developing diversity in its core activities, CTI has launched a new initiative to foster diversity by increasing the number of female researchers, inventors, mentor, experts and coaches among our staff.

    CTI intends to take the following measures in 2009:

    1. Increase the number of female experts and coaches
    2. Introduce programmes that are favourable to women (particularly mentoring and networking)
    3. Establish best practices and carry out a benchmarking survey.

    For more information about CTI measures in this regard, please read our Brochure entitled, "Diversität: ein Erfolgsschlüssel für Innovation!", Diversité: une clé de success vers l'innovation!" (under News section).

    Specialist staff: diversity@kti.admin.ch

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