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Hereafter you can find a list of the most frequent questions and answers concerning the compensatory measures of the CTI.

For further information please contact our Hotline, mentioned on the right.

List of FAQ




Application form

What does the term "venture project transferral" in item 1.3 of the "venture projects" application form mean?

Venture projects are undertakings where the implementation partner (i.e. company) has already designed or initiated a specific innovation project, but may have to interrupt or cancel it due to a lack of adequate margins.

With venture projects there is no certainty as to how successful or profitable the undertaking will be. Venture projects are therefore associated with a certain degree of financial risk despite their considerable economic potential.

CTI grant funding enables the venture project and associated R&D costs to be transferred to a research partner (i.e. research institute).

Venture projects may later develop into normal innovation projects.

Handling of category C fees

What fees can I charge as a research partner under the category C schedule of fees?

The category C schedule of fees allows research partners (both public and private) to charge fees that fully cover their effective full costs. The hourly rates listed in the category C schedule of fees should be understood as maximum fees that the CTI is willing to cover.

The fees listed in the category C schedule of fees are intended to fully cover more than just salary costs, which remain the same for the research partner as those in normal project promotion cases. Category C fees are intended to complement existing compensation so as to fully cover costs.
The research partner is responsible for ensuring the accuracy of the full costs indicated – the CTI does not perform any verifications.

Any financial audits of the research partner's accounting records must show that the research partner has correctly calculated the full costs.

The application forms posted are adaptations of the templates used for normal project promotion cases.

Final payment deadline for CTI subsidies drawn from special
measures budget

When must the CTI make payments to the qualifying research institute in relation to approved innovation projects?

Qualifying research institutes have until 31 December 2011 to submit payment requests to the CTI in relation to innovation projects approved under the special measures programme. The date on the postage stamp applies. In addition to submitting the payment request, research institutes must provide the CTI with the CTI grant funding contract signed by all partners involved in the innovation project. The research institute must also provide the CTI with the intellectual property agreement drafted in accordance with established CTI guidelines.

The instructions given in CTI confirmation letters must be carefully followed. The CTI expressly states that payment requests submitted after the established deadline cannot be taken into account. Failure to submit the required documents by the established deadline will result in a loss of the research institute’s entitlement to the CTI-approved federal contribution. In such cases, the research institute will have to use its own budget to pay any other private research partners involved in the innovation project.

The qualifying research institute must submit a payment request to the CTI for exactly 80% of the total federal contribution. This amount must be correctly indicated in the payment request. The CTI will pay the remaining 20% of the federal contribution only after it has received the required final report.

Last updated on: 24.10.2011

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