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Welcome to the Website of the Commission for Technology and Innovation CTI

As the Confederation's innovation promotion agency, CTI lends support to R&D projects, to entrepre-neurship as well as to the development of start-up companies. CTI helps to optimise knowledge and technology transfer through the use of national thematic networks.

CTI lends support to:

  1. Market-oriented R&D projects;
  2. Creation and development of start-up companies;
  3. Knowledge and technology transfer.

Support is generally available for R&D projects relating to scientific innovations in all disciplines. Project proposals are submitted using the bottom-up principle and are mainly selected on the basis of their innovativeness and market potential.

The CTI Entrepreneurship programme offers made-to-measure training modules for up-and-coming entrepreneurs. These training modules provide the knowledge, skills and methodology needed to establish a new company and successfully transform their promising business ideas into marketable products and services. Young entrepreneurs can also benefit from professional coaching. New knowledge-intensive and technology-based companies with considerable market potential are eligible.

The CTI supports the transfer of knowledge and technology between higher education institutions and industry in a targeted and results-oriented manner. In addition, innovative Swiss businesses and researchers should have development opportunities through access to international programmes and networks such as EUREKA, ERANet and EU-FP7, or European technology platforms (ETP).

Expanding competence in energy research

In order to be able to implement the decision by the Federal Council and parliament to phase out nuclear power by 2035, the efficiency of renewable energies must be increased and new opportunities in this area must be exploited. The Federal Council intends to boost research into energy under the Coordinated Energy Research in Switzerland Action Plan. The key element in this plan involves setting up inter-university research networks, or Swiss Competence Centers for Energy Research (SCCER). This task has been given to the CTI, with the support of the Swiss National Science Foundation.

Specialist staff: info@kti.admin.ch

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Address of the CTI

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